Flamenco Tornado by E.V. Day (2011)

Commissioned by Sephora

E.V. Day, represented by Carrie Mackin, was commissioned by Sephora to create an original piece to be featured in their Meatpacking District location in New York City. The work, titled Flamenco Tornado, is the first in a series of original artworks by female artists commissioned by Sephora. 

Flamenco Tornado is an installation of an authentic flamenco dress that has been deconstructed and suspended between the floor and ceiling. Day uses heavy-duty fishing line and hardware to position the fabric of the dress in an arrangement that articulates the tension and force of feminine movement in flamenco dance. Day envisions the traditional Spanish dance to be a performance in which the female is in complete control. The vortex-like form of Flamenco Tornado creates a tension that expresses simultaneous stasis and movement, precision and destruction, transformation and tradition, femininity, strength, and power.


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